making your plasma processes more energy and process efficient

making your plasma processes more energy and process efficient

„THE TECHNOLOGY“ for future developments !


Our grid enhanced technology (get) plasma increases the plasma density in your surface modification processes, no matter if you want to coat, etch, sputter or clean your substrates. The plasma is concentrated around the work piece, which leads to significantly higher process/energy efficiency, faster deposition/etching rates and improves system productivity.

A common process chamber without (above) and with the get-plasma system or application (below). An additional 40 % in input power leads to a 1000 % increase in plasma density and no plasma is ‘wasted’ outside the processing electrode.
Basics of the get-plasma process

The get-plasma process is based on so-called inverted fireballs (IFBs), which form inside a grid electrode that is enclosed by a Debye sheath – it is basically an evolution of the double layer that forms in front of a positively biased electrode inside an existing plasma.
Different sheath configurations: 2D Debye sheath (left), classical, non inverted fireball (middle) and different forms of inverted fireballs (right).

As the electrons go through the grid they induce additional ionisation processes and, hence, increase the plasma density. At the same time an equipotential is formed around the grid, which traps the electrons inside the mesh. This dense plasma can be utilized to coat, etch, activate or sputter large surfaces at a fast rate.

Advantages of get-plasma Technology:

  1. Overall energy and process efficiency
  2. It can be integrated into already existing low-pressure plasma systems
  3. Long term process stability
  4. Large area plasma treatment is feasible
  5. High growth rates are achievable
  6. An excellent tool for carbon film deposition on various surfaces
  7. Less machine down time
  8. The promising bridge technology for graphene developments

NEW: The first IFB obtained via MAGNETRON SPUTTERING


Examples of carbon coatings obtained with get-plasma:

Diamond like carbon (DLC). Taken from Ref. 5 (left) and High aspect ratio carbon nano walls. Taken from Ref. 5 (right).
Graphene layers deposited with IFB. Taken from Ref. 7.

Ultra smooth carbon coatings on glass (roughness < 0.25 nm!). Glass substrate (top), transition region with very thin carbon coating (middle) and pure carbon coating (bottom). Taken from Ref. 6.

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